A gardening approach to our VIDA.

I enjoy organic gardening.

It's been pretty cool lately so hopefully spring will get here

and I can once again work in the garden.

But when I do plant my garden, say a vegetable, let's just say a chili pepper.

If it doesn't grow well, I don't blame the pepper. 

No, not at all. That would be pretty ridiculous!

I look for the reason that the pepper isn't doing well.

Maybe it needed more water, or more fertilizer, even less sun. 

Can you imagine me ever blaming the pepper?

How preprosperous that would be.

Yet quite often when we have issues with our colleagues,

friends or family, and we tend to blame the other person.

Yet if we just took the same approach as we do with the peppers

we might have a different outcome.

If we took more time to take care of them, they too could grow,

just like the old peppers in the garden.

After all blaming doesn't have any growth or positive effect.

I always come back to the "learning to understand before being understood,"

approach to life philosophy.

Listening, instead of forcefully persuading one's point of view or arguing. 

So try changing your approach.

Use a more organic patient and loving approach to all of your issues.

Just like you would for the peppers in your garden.

Make it a cultivating sort of día!

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