A good math kind of dia.

It's another cool but beautiful dawn.

I look out the window and know that though darkness encapsulates us,

the sun will rise.

I await the morning full of expectations, mostly self imposed positive ones.

I know that there really are solutions to anything I will have to deal with today.

I have an agent that makes fun of my "Feliz día" approach to life.

Deep down he and I are on the same page, but the one difference ''

is that I am not afraid to show it.

Most people that I know forget that like the tiny birds that sing right before

sunrise they know to expect a day of sunshine.

So too, do some of us forget to balance life like a mathematics equation.

It's not all about addition; achieving goals, or being successful, or ending up

with extra assets.

Life is also about our journey, about the other integers..

like growing old, finding satisfaction and success in the things

we do.

Yes in our careers, in our relationships with loved ones and colleagues alike.

At the end of the day, how did our mathematics problem get resolved?

What did we accomplish?

Did we fulfill our basic function as human beings?

Did we end up with an equation that answered the problem?

Did we use radicals, or absolutes or complicated algorithms?

This is one of the mathematical truths of achieving purpose in our lives.

Don't just sit there and allow life to just do its thing.

The answer is not going to just present itself.

You have to think, analyze, work through it, and arrive at a solution.

We all could use some math practice.

Make better use of the opportunities that present themselves.

There is more to intelligent quotients, don't over look the topological spaces.

Though unseen they are there as well.

Make it a reasonable deductive sort of día!

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