How to write about gratitude..

Feeling more rested.

I have an appointment with the Doc on the 21st,

and then I will be traveling again for a couple of days.

So yes, I still have the neck discomfort and yes,

I am doing a better job of managing it.

But enough about my neck.

As we look forward to a new week.

There is so much planning and work ahead in the next quarter.

Some of us will be busy trying to succeed at the office,

others at their schools and colleges and many others on their farms.

I love reading about your pomegranate farm, your brangus calfs 

or your organic gardens!

It all keeps me informed of the goings on in your life that you are grateful for.

I'm honored to be able to share those joy with you.

Someone asked me recently what the easiest way was to keep track

of what we're grateful for.

I asked him to write down everything that inspired gratitude in his life.

He is a loyal reader in India.

It certainly doesn’t have to be a list of traditional things.

Start a gratitude journal.

It can include your early morning run, coffee or even that one of your

more disagreeable colleagues called in sick.

By writing it down and keeping tabs of everything that makes you grateful,

end up quickly being a resource of positive reminders.

It then makes it easier to get through the tougher days.

All you have to do is open it up and read one of your entries

of a more positive day. 

Your journal is useful for identifying all of the things that have brought you happiness,

and a stepping stone to creating more.

I write this blog as a way of reminding myself of all of the people,

and things that make my earthly existence that much better.

Writing helps to remind us of just how blessed we really are. 

Make it a gratitude kind of día!

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