I still owe.

They say that we all have to pay rent on behalf of the time

we have spent on our earthly journey.

Yet truthfully, there is no monetary amount that I could ever repay for all that Life

has given me.

After all I have been blessed with is beyond reason.

My Viejita taught everyone that would listen to her some simple advise.

That if we followed our hearts, and shared what we had with others

that we would be given that and much more in return.

My Mother never had much, but what she had she freely gave,

and shared with others.

Quite often to the chagrin of my not so generous Father.

Yet it is in that loving and balanced spirit that I have tried to live my life.

I may never be as kind and generous as she was,

or as tough and formal as my Father was...

but I will certainly give it my best.

Trust me, and follow your heart, do all you can to serve another,

and everything you give freely will given to you in kind.

Make it a giving día!

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