It's what you do that matters.

There are so many ways to get paid for what we do.

For the things that one contributes to themselves, their family,

their company and their community or country.

I was looking at the ten different birdhouses hanging gently off branches

of the peach tree.

The large tree gives rewards us with about 40 to 50 peaches each year.

The rest get eaten by the birds and some neighborhood squirrels.

Most of the birdhouses are decorative, but a few tiny finches have improvised

them and made them their permanent winter homes.

What exactly do birds do all day?

How do they eat?

How do they find the water to keep themselves hydrated?

They don't really work and yet God sustains them.

No doubt, they are somehow compensated for the joy that their unique chirping

and singing brings.  

We too get paid by all the goodness we give to each another.

The time and gentle patience that we pay to one another.

Yes, the universe truly takes repays.

How much more could we do and improve our lives and those around us?

What are you doing to earn your pay?

What more could we give to our families?

How many more degrees could we raise our own work ethic's?

Just think how much more we could give.

Our families and our companies deserve that and more.

Make it a great día!

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