Kindling from a large oak tree.

What can I do to find more "inner peace," I was asked the other day.

Actually I have the same angst and many of the same worries

that we all are burdened with.

I even have the additional weight of my neck pain and the recent elbow

and forearm injuries.

The main reason I appear to be more resilient is that I have a deep spiritual

connection to my journey.

To be very honest, I am not in any big hurry and I really take time to show

gratitude in things small and large.

That and my secret ingredient is the guiding spirit of my higher power.

So just what are some ways that we can find the road back to a more peaceful "me?"

Well unfortunately there are no set instructions and road maps for this journey.

We all trek the same reality.

And though you may feel frustrated and even exhausted by your path..

just keep in mind that life is but an earthly journey.

The more permanent one, will make short kindling of any mighty oak tree.

In time - some of us get there faster than others - we will cross over,

so the trick is to take it all in and enjoy the adventure.

First of all be patient.

With yourself, and with others.

Like I tell my folks, one has to "leave" on their own terms.

Don't allow that crazy road rager to get the best of you.

If that impolite, pompous person cuts in line, breathe… maybe, just maybe

they really need to be somewhere and yesterday.

You’ll find that the quicker you let go of any resentments, and judgments,

the faster you will reset your "peace and tranquil" button.

So relax, breathe, and slow down today.

Being at peace and tranquil is far more important than just about anything that you

could ever work to buy.

Make it a peaceful día!

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