An ice bag and apple BBQ sauce.

A few weeks ago I was in Memphis for some strategic planning meetings.

It had been a long day (even though the flight is a short one), and my neck was

hurting, I was sore and a bit on the tired side.

Half way through the day one of the administrative support ladies (my angel),

who was also responsible for coordinating all the details to all of our

meetings did something unexpected.

Mind you she was busy running around and ensuring that our conference room

and its equipment were functioning properly, that we were all fed and

stayed hydrated, she still found time to keep up with her own responsibilties

throughout the day.

She somehow found out about my neck, and surprised me with a large plastic

bag, filled with ice cubes so that I could put it on my sore neck.

I was up next on the schedule of people presenting and her gift of comfort

came just in time.

Have you ever thought how amazing it is when God places people in our lives

at exactly the right moment?

Late the next day we all went out for dinner.

We went to a traditional BBQ place called Corky's.

I got to sit across from her and we all spent a nice evening getting to know

one another better.

She is an amazing lady, and told me that she was busy trying to lose some more

weight for the upcoming wedding that she was busy helping plan for her son.

So here's she was busy at work, busy at home and yet she took the time to show

me the exact amount of kindness I was needing.

Her random kindness was certainly a blessing to me that day.

Quite often we don't even realize that we have angels being placed in our lives,

that make our moment, hour or day go a bit smoother.

Be grateful for the blessings in your life, for they come unexpectedly.

More often than not just in the nick of time.

By the way I loved Corky's apple flavored BBQ sauce.

I should have bought some when I was at the restaurant.

I regretted not having purchased a bottle to bring home.

The day we were flying back at the airport our new center manager,

and I began to discuss the meetings and our plans for a more successful 2012.

He then said he needed to excuse himself and asked me to watch his belongings.

Several minutes later he came back and he surprised me with guess what? 

A bottle of that special Apple BBQ sauce.

I couldn't believe it.

What a kind gesture and a nice surprise!

It was well.., just so unexpected and sincerely appreciated.

You never know just how much you will impact another with a small act of kindness.

Make it a point to practice at least one random act of kindness each day.

Make it a great día.

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