Carta de un Abuelito

Dearest Bryn Addison,

You are my first grandchild, and incredibly blessed that you

have been born happy and healthy.

Somehow, I never envisioned that one day I'd be at this stage of my life.

Time really is eternal. I remember waiting with so much anticipation,

and excitement as we waited for your dad to be born.

Just a few hours days from arriving and already you are so very near,

and dear to our hearts.

I never dreamed that I would be writing about this beautiful moment

that you have now permanently etched into our hearts.

I am already dreaming of how I can make your life even more fun and happier.

Bryn, I promise to be a great Abuelito!

I'm going to sing to you, read you some of the same stories I used to read

to your daddy.

We will also pray every night before you go to sleep.

Getting on our knees and resting our hands on the bed, I might have to help you

with that one till you are tall enough to reach it.

I already know that we will have lots of fun, and when your Mami and Papi

are not around you'll be doing all those things that you probably will not be

allowed to get away with or that they might not approve of at home.

Querida niñita, your birth has really been a new rebirth.

Your Abuelita y Abuelito  will always cherish your special birth,

your special day!

There's so much that I want to be able to give you, because you are

so precious to me and I because I already love you.

And though you really don't know me yet.

You can bet that your Papi does and you will carry all those wonderful traits,

and genes we have passed on to you, in you.

I really wish that your Great Grandparents or visa-Abuelitos were still

here like your visa-Abuelito Pepe is.

Believe me they would have adored you Bryn, as much as I do.

The level of spoiling would be to the tenth degree from what you can

expect from me.

Their legacy is your inheritance, a legacy of love that they bequeathed you.

One that has already filtered down from me to your Papi and now on to you.

LOVE is one of our most prized blessings.

One of the most important things in the world.

Always remember that with LOVE, all things are possible.

Never doubt that with LOVE, all things can be conquered.

Every error corrected and each heartfelt mistakes healed.

As you begin your earthly journey, just know that LOVE will never fail you.

And even if people fail you, God's LOVE will always be there.

No matter what ever happens He will always take care of and Love You!

Your Abuelita, and I will always love you too!

We will LOVE you unconditionally!

Each moment in time, no matter how good, how trying, in good times,

and bad, through prosperity or difficult poor times… we will LOVE you!

Te quiero mijita!

Make it a great día!

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