Don't spill your future..

 We are all dreamers, and some of us dream not only at night

(when restful sleep is needed), but during the day.

Day dreaming tends to take our minds off the responsibilities

we have or are given.

Dreaming when we sleep is needed, day dreaming is not.

I would like to tell you a village fable about paying attention - yes

focusing on what it is we are needing to do.

There once was a rich dairy farmer.

He had several workers in his large dairy.

One day he needed to send a sample of his milk to a new

businessman in town.

He Maria over and gave her this task.

He handed over a beautifully painted large porcelain pitcher of fresh milk.

She needed to get there as quick as possible.

In return it promised he would pay her some extra pesos.

Maria, was really excited about earning more money.

Very content, she placed the pitcher on her head,

and she began walking at a fast pace to deliver her precious order.

As she started up, she began thinking out loud..

I am going to earn extra pesos today, how awesome!

With the extra pesos I will buy 2 more chickens,

these soon will multiply and I will get to have many more hens.

I will sell them soon after, selling eggs and some hens

I will go buy some goats.

The goats  will reproduce, and then I will sell a few of them,

and then I will buy cows and soon after a farm.

Because I will be earning a lot of pesos,

I will invest in buying fabrics, and I will then become

a businesswoman and retailer.

It will be wonderful!

I will get married, and I will have a magnificent house,

and naturally, will hire an excellent cook so that they can prepare

my family the most delicious plates, ummmm.

And on she kept going at a pretty fast pace.

The entire way she was busy thinking, and thinking some more.

She was so caught up in her thinking that she did not see the stone

in the middle of the road.

The pitcher that she was carrying on her head,

flew off in one direction and she in another.

It fell and broke into a thousand pieces,

and spilled all of the milk on the ground.

Quite depressed and almost inconsolable she made her way back

to the dairy farm.

As she came up to the farm, the owner saw her and seeing her crying

asked her what was the problem.

She sadly told him what had happened.

The dairy owner exclaimed, "You're a fool!

You just lost me a new business, and a weeks worth of earnings!

And Maria looked at him and answered, "Yes, I am sorry,

but I just lost what could have been the earnings of a lifetime.

Stay focused.

Make it a great día!

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