Get Switched On!

Last week I had the privilege of attending a private session

with "Get Switched On," motivational speaker Chip Eichelberger.

He spoke about taking action and responsibility for our own performances.

What a brilliant deduction, no?

Here's what I took away; that we all need to take a harder look at our

current attitude and results.

Is that where we want or need to be?

We all could be doing more.

How we bridge the gap between where we currently stand,

and where we need to be, depends solely on a commitment.

A commitment to ourselves.

Whether it's about changing our attitude and or changing our perspective.

We can't and won't attain true success if we are comfortable

with the status quo.

Chip also talked about investing 4% of our day on our goals.

Whether it was eating healthier, reading a non-fiction book,

continuing to learn more about our work, saving more.. just 1 hour a day

or 10% of what we earn a week.

Who doesn't have an extra hour somewhere to invest in the most valuable

investment you will ever make - and that is in yourself?

Who couldn't cut back on that "Monster" drink, Starbucks coffees or snack foods,

for instance and improve their health?

10% a week savings?

Sure, maybe it is easier said than done, you may question.

But if you can't find a way, if you won't take just one hour a day to improve,

and sustain the one person that means most in the lives of your loved ones,

than who will?

You matter and it's time that we all got ourselves "Switched on."  

Make it a "Switched On" kind of día!

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