How will you ever get there?

I woke up thinking about yesterday's blog.

No one arrives at their destination, their goal or ralizes their dream without effort.

So while we agree that it’s important to craft our dream or dreams out in our mind,

what will we ever accomplish if we don't put our words into action?

We can play the lottery every day for the next decade in hopes of winning it,

or we can do something about whatever it is we want to achieve.

Dreams can and often do come true, but to turn our dreams into realities we

must be willing, ready and prepared to take the first step.

What is your plan?

What’s your goal?

How much am I willing to do to attain it?

Why do I want to achieve this goal?

What is the time frame?

Do I have a plan of action?

I once read that the harder the job, the bigger the reward.

All goals can be accomplished.

What is your plan?

Are you willing to create your radmap, your game plan and stick with it?

Are you worth it?

There is nothing worthwhile in life that will come without effort.

What are you waiting for?

Make it your best dia!

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