I'm on a praise rampage!

The art of praise, begins with acknowledging our own self worth.

It is also in that giving that one attracts goodwill.

Positive desires for another, reminds us to give the best of our

human work possible.

Why would we want to gift anything less?

In a world where we are all in a hurry, busy driving, walking past

one another..

and customary to only go through the motions, "How are you?"

Yet keep walking because you were only making a statement, and not

really inquiring about another's current physical or mental state.

We need to wish for the other people's good, be moved to speak,

and act with goodwill.

We all may be in the same race, or competition..

but there is no need to envy, or be jealous of another's perpetual speed,

inner cadence or momentum.

When we are able to change that,

we truly become influencers of goodwill.

We will be able to paint the most vibrantly positive pictures of others.

We will have a clearer prism to see them as they are.

Only then will we be influencing goodwill,

and enjoying and embracing their greatness and energy.

Praise more and more often.

Make it a great día!

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