Less than one year later.

I am once again writing about the terrible destruction that the more than

100 tornadoes have brought.

Just a few months ago back on May 4th, I wrote about the thousands of people

that were hit by the terrible destruction that covered seven states.

Three hundred and forty people had lost their lives then.

Today the news report that 38 people have lost their lives,

and thousands are now homeless.

In one of the states, the same town was struck by a tornado again.

100 tornadoes in less then two days?

The devastation was concentrated in six states this time, mainly in Indiana, Kentucky,

Ohio, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.  

A friend of mine who owns a large corporation in Birmingham Alabama

was fortunate to not have had any of his employees in harm's way this time.

Last April he told me about the 80 mile long and 1 1/2 mile wide tornado

that hit his state had taken many innocent lives.

He also told me that thousands of folks had been left with the clothes on their backs.

My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone in the eye of those tornadoes.

The miracle toddler, and the one victim who we were all praying for,

Angel Babcock died yesterday.

She had been in critical condition, after having been found laying critically

injured in a field 10 miles from her home.

The tornado that destroyed her home also took her entire family.

I am just so completely amazed at the level of resilience that

many of these people are showing.

One thing we continue to hear is the gratitude of their being unharmed,

and having their loved ones safe as well.

Sadly, this week many of us will go on with our lives, not really giving those

worst affected a second thought.

Yet somewhere in Indiana, Ohio or Kentucky or anyone of the other states

ravaged by the tornadoes, many will wake up today and not own

even a pair of socks.

It will be hard on them to get through this devastation.

I really don't know what that would be like.

To look around and find everything you've worked your entire life gone.

They need our support, now.

Please keep them in your prayers and please share your generosity.

Give what you can.

Please give to the American Red Cross.

Make it a prayerful día! 

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