Mother nature's hierbabuena

I received several e-mails with some other uses for the hierbabuena

or the peppermint plant.

One of the main ones was that many folks around the globe use

it to lose weight.

It appears to not only soothe a tummy ache, and other stomach ailments

but also helps with one's digestion,

and increases the metabolic and digestive properties of our bodies.

One other loyal reader said that in her country they use it for all

toothaches and as a mouth wash for the treatment of gum diseases. 

Another one said that when she had a bad cold or the flu,

that she used it to help with stimulating her immunity.

Another Feliz Dia reader said that he uses it to reduce his nasal congestion,

and that it also helps stop a cough when sweetened by organic honey.

Mother nature sure has been good to us.

Make it a hierbabuena sort of día!

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