Our little healer.

Praying and yet wondering why so much of life can dramtically

change in the blink of an eye.

Moments that one reflects on and takes pause.

So much that one tends to take for granted.

Yet unbeknownst, things can instantly change.

Time that had once flown bye in a postive rythmn,

seems to have suddenly stopped.

Like the metronome we had preset to metrical ticks. 

The quiet interruption of our life's fleeting sound, now is resounding

it's loudest silence.

Yes time seemed to have suddenly stopped, thank God momentarily.

But all things, in the end happen for unquestionable reasons.

Today that reason is life and doing all we can to ensure no matter what

-  that we are all there for our beautiful little Bryn.

So thank God all things tend to work out in the divinely inspired way,

We can all breathe...

Give thanks and rejoice for the miracle of healing.

So let's keep look ahead to do the things we find and plan to do.

After all those are things that we have always prayed for.

We have long been waiting for her very moment to arrive.

For those close to me you'll understand this blog.

All miracles require great Faith.

Our expectations have now been personally been exceeded.

No moment or experience will ever equal the relief and respite.

Bound by affection and the tremendous love I feel for both Bryn and my son.

I pray we continue to be blessed.

For the healing and the truly wondrous feeling for an innocent child that we

all are still coming to know.

All affirmed by the sight of a special gift.

All one needs to do is look at little Bryn, to take in the shining

light that she outwardly gives.

A glow and a promise.

May that light shine on all of those that matter most to you.

May we all be there and live to see you become the wonderful

lady that we all expect to see you grow up to be.

Your birth has created a joy that only a divine presence could emit.

A gift that I know will help nurture healing the healing we all are praying for.

Thank you Bryn, you are already imparting that message.

Dios te Bendiga nuestra querida nietecita, Bryn.

Y mijo, no piedras la Fe.

Make it a gran día!

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