Practice being silent.

Today's personal strategy for attaining tranquility is to under go

an experience in enjoying silence.

I am not turning on the TV today, will not listen to the radio and promise to

turn-off my computer after this post - so no internet.

I think we all have a choice when it comes down to quieting down

our life and surroundings.

The added silence also can be the meditation and or prayer time.

Together they all contribute to one's inner tranquility.

To some silence is deafening.

It's scary to others.

To me silence serves to rejuvenating my mind and soul.

Silence is just as sweet, and as calming, as it is powerful.

It's that pure, innocent silence that can help us overcome even the most

terrible of obstacles..

with a protective shield,

that we can not feel.

Make it a great and peaceful día!

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