Visualize your path.

I was listening to a DVR recording of Joel Olsteen.

He was talking about how he visualized his church, the full parking lots,

the mayor handing over the keys to the stadium,

even the confetti that was raining down on all the congregants at the grand opening.

Visualizing your future is not about some crystal ball,

it is about having Faith and determination.

Combine those two ingredients and you will accomplish anything

that you set your mind on.

All athletes tend to visualize the steps, free throws, passes, routes, jumps,

lifts they will take during their performance.

They visualize themselves successfully completing them.

We don't have to be athletes to perform at our greatest strength.

We don't have to have some special gift to exceed what we need

to accomplish. 

We need to be able to visualize till the very end, what it is we need to do.

We need to practice and continuously find ways to improve.

We also need to have Faith and determination to see us through the end.

Make it a great día!

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