An Authentic Self.

So a reader asked about how I take on challenges and more importantly

how I deal with trouble or pain.

I pray and meditate.

I deal in gratitude.

I learn from past experiences.

I forgive.

I make it a point to begin and end each day with gratitude.

Whatever troubles me is not something that I run away from.

I become an observer, I take it all in and process it.

I take whatever it is that I am feeling and become a witness to that experience.

I don't allow any pain or suffering to fester.

I live by and manage my life, both my personal and business one

based on principle.

One based on the same values that were instilled in me as a child,

and the ones that are inherent to the many wonderful teachers

that I have come across.

I say teachers but they came from the lessons instilled in me by my

beloved parents, family, siblings, friends and my military,

corporate world, and medical missionary encounters.

Work to be the authentic creation that you were intended to be. 

And just don't forget to "Pay it forward."

Make it a great día!

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