How bad do you want it?

I was asking one of my agents about his week.

He said that he wasn't very happy with his performance.

He was questioning his own motivation. 

I asked him, how much do want or need this career?

If we are truthful about life and the things we want out of it we can answer

this question without hesitation.

I remembered being in the grocery line the other day.

I was waiting behind a young woman, with three kids in tow and a cart

over flowing with groceries.

All I needed was camphophenic.

Camphor helps your blood circulation, it is a lipophilic substance that passes

through the skin easily.

I rub it on my neck as a home remedy.

As I looked around the rest of the lanes looked just as busy.

So I stayed in place. I even looked at the small green colored bottle in my hand,

and more than once looked at the exit door.

I needed a bit more patience at that very second. I was trying to get home

after twelve hours at the office.

To convince myself to be more patient, I asked myself, "Do I need this?"

I did otherwise I would have not stopped. I'd still have to take another trip to the store.

So without second guessing I told myself, Tomás it is worth every extra moment

you are standing in line and being patient.

It was only when I asked myself did I realized that this inconvenience,

was not so inconvenient.

A calmness came over me and I quit looking for the exit door,

or counting the items in her cart.

Already in a calmer state of being, I began to think about how much better

I would be feeling once I home.

We all need or want something.

It's all about how badly we want to achieve them.

It is all about how bad we want it (whatever it is we are seeking).

It's about patience and it's about drive.

Make it a great día!

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