A link is not a chain.

It's another beautiful dawn, and we all awaken to a full day's

worth of opportunities.

Moment to moment they will change and with them bring the many

wonderful rewards and lessons we need to make us complete.

But what if some present discomfort and pain?

As I mention regularly sadness and pain is temporary.

It's all about how we face or resolve them that will achieve the best

outcome in any situation.

At times we may find it difficult to "own" our pain, whether it's physical,

emotional or spiritual.

However great the challenge, be resolute, be strong.

Believe that you have the power within to resolve anything that is put

in front of you.

Each of our storylines vary in their substance and opportunities.

But we create the chains.

And all chains have a link that can be snapped, or broken therebye 

liberating us so that we can better tend to our other opportunities. 

It is up to us to break the link, to the self limiting chains we may have

wrapped ourselves in. 

The key is knowing we have the power to change by opening that one link.

One link and the chain is no longer a chain, but a mound of links.

It's about showing fortitide and courage.

Stop, breathe and take a good look at them.

Quit struggling in place, stop fighting them.

You have to allow them to manifest themselves totally.

Don't be afraid to face whatever it is you are facing. 

Embrace the situation, your feelings, and the sensation that they have created.

Next quit struggling and expanding all that energy and stresing yourself out.

Replace that space instead with one filled with a sense of learning.

Whatever it is it will no longer keep you chained, and or have power over you.

Much like our past repeating itself; until we finally learn from it,

or whatever lesson we should have learned the first time around,

we can't move on until we do.

I've learned many things in life, that one main one is that all opportunities

come with lessons, including purpose filled ones for healing, for change,

for personal growth and spirituality.

It is only by opening ourselves to change, will we ever be fully empowered

to grow and succeed.

It is also by accepting change, that we will expand our capacity in many

other important areas like love, personal growth and compassion.

Make it a grateful día!

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