Old habits?

How often do you hear about slipping back to our old ways?

A more medical term used is relapse.

But that is not the one I am speaking to.

Our earthy journey will be one lived with many opportunities for personal

growth and emotional mastery.

We will also experience moments where we all slip back to how we used to do things.

Yes, our old ways.

Old habits and old ways of thinking and doing things are always hard to break.

Be patient on yourself, (goes back to the positive self talk I wrote about

earlier in the week).

Letting someone down is disappointing and letting ourselves down is more so…

as well as pretty frustrating.

Just be gentle, understanding, and empathetic.

It's all about the progress.

Eliminate the negative commentary.

Don’t put yourself down either, we are all slow learners..

it just depends what it is we're learning.

So forgive and move on.

You are constantly going to be changing, and or inspiring others

to make some changes.

So stand back and embrace the transformation, and while you are at it

applaud yourself for taking action.

Be grateful for your inner competitive spirit and courage!

Make it a great día!

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