Our own therapist.

I am up early, can't sleep and my neck is just not cooperating.

Ahh yes, yesterday I wrote about criticism from others,

what about when we do it to ourselves?

Not the actual outloud, outright criticism, but the one in our thoughts

or under our breaths type of criticism.

"Geez that was dumb, how much dumber can you be?"

You get the idea, right? 

If you know me I am always talking about how we have the power to manifest

what we expect in our lives.

Whether it's love, spiritual growth, success (whatever that means to you),

or basic financial stability.

We must begin our day by encouraging ourselves through words.

A big smiling "I LOVE YOU!" type smile in the mirror works well too.

Getting off to a positive start in the morning is the fuel that will keep you at it all day.

Ever notice how when we tell ourselves something positive, we start to believe it.

It is about believing it ourselves.

Yes, it's ok to remind ourselves that we’re …… honest, caring, kind, intelligent,

charming, loving or whatever it is we expect in ourselves.

But how do we expect others to believe us if we don't even believe in ourselves? 

Our positive self talk is as important early in the morning

as it is throughout our entire day.

There is tremendous power and weight in everything we say…

and more so in what we believe.

If we tell ourselves we’re going to fail, then we will.

If we tell ourselves that we can do anything, we can do anything.

If we tell yourselves that we are in complete control of our attitude,

we will learn to control our attitude.

To build our sense of self, and our confidence we need to see

ourselves how we would want others to view us.

It all begins and ends with US.

It's about personal accountablity, and manifesting the best outcome

on any given day.

Make it a great día!

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