"Don't talk about it. Be about it!"

Picking up where I left off yesterday I was thinking about my goals.

I sat down and wrote some down.

A few gave me pause.

I realized that there were a few I had not really defined.

Do you know what your life goals are?

Sit down today and write them down.

Then make sure to share them with a loved one or someone you trust.

Its all baby steps, and yes putting one foot in front of the other approach.

How and how far you get will depend largely not on luck, not on the "breaks"

or magical forces of the universe.

The only thing between you and your achieving  anything worthwhile in life

will be with your 110%  involvement.

At the office one of mine main creeds is based on the 212º principal.

How at 211º water is hot.

At 212º, it ends up boiling.

And with that new physical change, the boiling water becomes steam.

And the rest is self fulfilling… steam is able to power a steam liner across

the great oceans.

It's that ONE Extra Degree that makes all the difference.

So trust in your abilities.

Be confident!

Know that no one can take yor goal away.

You own it!

You have to believe that you have it all in you to achieve whatever it is that

matters most to you.

Sure there will be difficulties.. and at times your goals will even appear

to seem unattainable, just don’t get discouraged.

If you are in school and don't know what it is you want out of life, yet don't stress. 

If you are working and career wise you don’t know what all you want to do achieve

or do with your life yet, don’t stress.

It is really never too late to "begin to begin".

What are you interested in?

What things or areas of your work truly interest you?

What are you passionate about?

What could you see yourself doing for the rest of your life?

I love a quote by Titus Warmsley, that says…

"Don't talk about it. Be about it!"

It's your timeline.

Your plan.

Your goal.

Your destination.

Here's wishing you the best, as you take that first step.

Make it a great dia!

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