Reciprocal conversations.

There are many things that I have come to understand and believe in.

Yet, only four stand clear at my core; the power of prayer, miracles,

forgiveness and the absoluteness of unconditional love.

Although I have often felt like my prayers come to be answered

through moments of real change and healing.

The miracles that I have come to witness always arrived

unexpectedly, mysteriously and with complete grace.

I also believe that our prayers should be an on-going communication

with our higher power (whatever you may deem that to be).

Like any strong relationship it should focus on its communication.

So that our conversations are specific and honest, with the sum total

expectation that no matter the final outcome...

it will be ok. 

No matter how it turns out.

It's our acceptance of a divine will. 

But what if we are only praying and supplicating when we are at our

deepest point of despair?

I have often wondered if that made a difference?

Then again would a loved one or friend be as receptive if we were only coming

to them when we were I dire need?

Our conversations should be on going and reciprocal.

One centered around our expression of gratitude

for the many positives in our lives.

What are you waiting on?  
Make it a great día!

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