hUMp day

It's Wednesday and as we call it in some parts of the country, hump day.

Yesterday was Primero de Mayo, so today is hump day.

Is it called that because maybe we're half way to the end of the week?
Could it be the absolute BEST day of the week?

I've asked around and some think that this day brings maximum hope,

that depending on how it goes today will determine how the rest

of their week turns out.

Then again there a few out there that hate Mondays.

Monday's are doomday mornings and they look forward to surviving

it by anticipating hump day.

I really have never given hump days much thought.

Nothing ever happened on a Wednesday that defined how the rest

of the week turned out.
Like every day, it's all about how we approach them and live them.

Any day could in effect be defined as a hump day.

Thursday could be a hump day or one day after hump day.

Friday is well GREAT!! 


A friend of mine that has his own rock band and has declared

all Saturday's as mostly hungover day.

Then back to Sunday which to some folks is PreDoom day.

No matter what you call today, make sure you make the best of it.

Make it a great día!

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