Years ago I found myself working for a brilliant General (as in Unites States

MIlitary General), and amazing human being.

His name was General H. Norman Schwarzkopf in Hinesville, Georgia.

I worked closely with his staff, as part of Col. Daniel's  Rapid Deployment staff.

We were in Georgia and facing incredible population challenges with the sudden

growth of Ft. Stewart and its surrounding community of Hinesville, Georgia.

Part of the challenge was building an Army Assistance Center for the military families

that would be left behinde when ever their husbands were deployed.

This was before troop redeployment and or "rapid deployments" were in vogue.

Back when we didn't have a lot of the global "urgencies," testing the democracies

of the world.

It was a different time, back when the U.S. didn't had not had to intervene as often

and or come to the aid of people in desperate need of food or medicinal relief

and or military intervention.

Col. Daniel set out to form a an on base Army Assistance Center.

I was very fortunate to be a part of that original team.

It consisted of both military and civilian personnel - whose ne main goal was to come

together to ensure that we had a center that sort of was a "catch all safety net."

I always admired the General's progressive and forward thinking.

He was loved by his troops.

And was known as a soldier's soldier back then.

And was truly a man's man.

An everyone's family's man for that matter.

To this day I try to think what would the ole General do.

No matter the challenge... if it comes to my employees, or my direct reports 

and remember his advise and remember that they people you are "responsible for" 

are looking at you for more than just a few words of encouragement (which are important),

 and more than just answers.

They are looking for straight up, honest leadership.

Direction that they can have confidence in will not just lead them where they need to go

but an actual plan on how you will get them there.

Make it a great dia!   

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